The difference between a container and Self-Storage

Whether you are moving property renovating the house want to move some things Or just have leftovers that you want to keep but don’t have any space in your home. Finding space to store these items is essential. However, let’s see which is the better option for you between Self Storage and Rental Containers. Will your belongings be safe in storage? And what is the average storage cost in Bangkok? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Self Storage and Self Storage.
Let’s take a look at the differences between rental containers and self storage and compare them so you can decide which option is better and meets your needs.

Self Storage: Self Storage provides management rights for your assets in a self-controlled storage location. Self Storage facilities typically consist of different room sizes and a variety of options. Sometimes located on different floors in a large warehouse. In general, As the holder of the key card You will be the only person who has access to your personal belongings. according to the highest safety measures, however, in such cases You will be responsible for the storage, packing, lifting and transport procedures to ensure their safety and suitability yourself – including purchasing your own locking equipment. The most obvious advantage of Self Storage is that you can always access your stored stuff. It has complete facilities and a 24/7 security system.

Container rental: It is a way to store items in a large area. This basically allows you to place your items alongside other customers’ items. in a large secure warehouse One of the most obvious advantages of storing common items is that The cost of using the service is cheaper than Self Storage, although this is a suitable alternative. But what if you need a place to store your stuff and move it out at any time you want? This type of storage may not be suitable for you.
So if you are looking for a safe and suitable place for your belongings, choose Keep it – Self storage.