Japanese Quality Self Storage

Keep It Thailand offers self storage under the brand name Keep It (キーピット) from Japan (
who is providing self storage more than 30 different locations in Japan.

We started with the purpose of “We want each customer to realize a comfortable living environment”
with the aim of expanding living space and office space. Our self storage located in the central of the Bangkok, on Ekamai Road where the accessibility is effortless.

Our self storage provides short term(1 month) and long term(up to 1 Year) self storage services in a variety of sizes (about 1 Sqm. – 19 Sqm. )
for both personal and corporate users. We have car parking, trolley for free lend, staffs recommend and help you when you have any problems.

Our self storage also support for FDA. We have 24 hours CCTV/security system, and we highly focus on the cleanliness and provide customer satisfaction.

Our self storage is located in the 7 stories building.
Therefore, you can safely store your items at any season. You can store items such as shoes, books, documents, tables, cabinets, stationery, sports equipment, clothing, household appliances, or electrical appliances. Whether using the service as a personal or corporate entity.