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6 Tips for Storing Your Books Properly

9 Dec 2021

Are you wondering how to store your books so that they last long?

Check out this blog for important tips on how to preserve books.


Avoid keeping your books in places with high humidity

Avoid storing books in places with high humidity. Moisture causes books to deteriorate quickly.

If you store them in a place with high humidity for a long time, mold may grow on them, or their shapes may be distorted.

If you can’t avoid keeping your books in a place where humidity is really high, you must make sure that the place has proper ventilation.

A dehumidifier or desiccants also help


Avoid direct contact with sunlight

Places that are exposed to direct sunlight, such as by the window, should be avoided when it comes to storing your books.

Because if the books are placed there for some time, the sunlight will change the color of the books. Therefore,

we should keep them in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you have no such spots in your house, maybe try buying curtains for your window,

installing light filter films, or buying book covers.


Check on your books regularly

Check on your books and clean the shelf regularly, because dust is another cause of mold.

If you leave the dust on your books for a long time, there may be insects crawling around without you knowing.


Store your books vertically

We may accidentally place books on top of each other for a long time.

But do you know that Stacking multiple books on top of each other is the reason why the book deteriorates quickly?

Especially the books at the bottom. There may be creases or folds on the paper by doing so. So the best way is to put your books on shelf.

It is also convenient when you’re finding a book you want to read. You can know the book from the spine of it.


Do not cram the books onto a shelf.

When there is so little space on the shelf, you might cram your books onto it. But by doing this, the ventilation on the shelf worsen.

It may cause the books to deteriorate. The space of the bookshelf used should be only at 80%. It is better to allow some air to flow.


Use book covers or plastic wrap

No matter how well the book is taken care of, they can still get stains from your hands. Therefore, we recommend you buy book covers.

Or if it’s a book that you know for sure you won’t be reading it anytime soon, wrap it with a plastic wrap.


No place to store your books? How about Self Storage?

I don’t know when I’ll be reading them again, but I don’t want to throw them away.

I have too many books and I need to put them somewhere.


Are you worrying about these problems?

If so, we recommend you use a storage room for rent or a Self Storage unit.

What are the advantages of keeping your book in a self storage unit?


Save your space at home
If you have a lot of books and won’t be reading them again anytime soon, keeping them in a self storage unit can be a good choice.


No worries about humidity

At most rental storage facilities, service providers provide air-conditioned rooms. The ACs are on 24/7,

so you can be assured that your books will be in a room with the right humidity and temperature.


24/7 access to your storage unit

You can access your units at any time! No need to worry about the business hours at the facility.


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