How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

8 Apr 2021

To choose the best storage unit or self storage type for your needs, it is essential to consider about what you are concerned about the most.

          1. Your things
               Depending on what you want to store:

  1. Big items

    Large furniture, electrical appliances, and etc. If you want a self storage unit for these things, how about choosing a provider that offers wide range of room sizes, like Indoor Self Storage or Container Storage. However, the type that is not suitable for this case is the Door-to-door Box Storage, because even though some providers provide you the service for big items, the fee can be very high.
    One thing to keep in mind when considering using a self storage unit is Never forget to ask whether the building has elevators and trolleys or not. Above all, it is best to go see the actual room before you decide to rent.

    Rust-prone / mold-prone objects

    Always go for a room with AC when you are going to store rust-prone or mold-prone objects. It might be a little inconvenient because your choices will be narrowed down to Indoor Self Storage (with AC) and Door-to-door Box Storage. Which to choose depends on your preference: Are you going to use those things you stored frequently?


  1. Convenience is your top priority?

    24/7 access

    Most Indoor Self Storages and Container Storages give you 24/7 access to your storage units. So if you are not concerned about anything else, choosing the one closest to you will do.

    Easy service

    Don’t want to bring all those things to the storage site by yourself? Then, how about using the Door-to-door Box Storage?
    You might have to book with the provider a few days in advance to use the service, but there are also providers that deliver the boxes to you right away after your booking. But either way, you can save a lot of your time!

    Loading area

    Do you need to use the loading area? Or the parking space?
    Most Indoor Self Storages that are located in the urban area provide you with the loading area and parking space, but the space might be limited. On the other hand, ones that are located in the suburb usually provide you with bigger loading area and more parking lots.
    For Container Storages, some place might even let you park your car besides your container unit to load your thing. So ask your provider first if you need to use them.


  1. When it comes to price, Container Storage is the best. Its price per unit is usually cheaper than those of the others. However, this choice will not be suitable if you want to store only a few thing or things that are rust-prone or mold-prone.If you have only a few things, Indoor Self Storage can give you the best prices. Often times, they also run promotions which give you discount and this make the price even lower.If you have only a few things and you do not want to go to the storage site, the Door-to-door Box Storage will be the best. You can call the staff to your home and rent from as few as one box. The fees depend on how many you rent and your rental period.


What about security?
          We would recommend Indoor Self Storage or Door-to-door Box Storage, because they have the highest security; with CCTV cameras in their building and security officers. If that still does not sound enough for you, you can check further about the insurance they provide, their patrolling schedules, and etc.


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