Keep It Self Storage to launch a NEW SERVICE ! Box Storage or Valet Storage

15 Feb 2021

Best for those who want to store only a few items

Keep It proudly presents Keep It BOX STORAGE or Valet Storage!
Our new service which will be launched on February 15, 2021 

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Email: sales@keep-it-th.com
Tel. (+66)94-313-8448
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What we provide:

  1. Keep It BOX STORAGE or Valet Storage
    You can now rent storage boxes at Keep It Self Storage!
    If you want to rent a storage unit, but you do not want to rent a whole storage room, you can use our box storage service which offer you storage boxes for rent. The price range starts from as low as 150 baht/box/month!
    Keep It delivers storage boxes to your house for you to load your things. After you finished packing your things, our staff will bring them back to our storage facility. Simply register for the service online and we will deliver the boxes to you!
    Prices starting from only 450 baht/box/month!
    Never worry about losing your things, because at our storage facility we have 24/7 monitoring cameras and security guard.