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Making Your Home Look Minimal : Tips and Tricks

17 Dec 2021

Nowadays, there are many ways of how to make your home more cozy.

Most of them might not be the ones that most of us are used to,

so some might not be able to get it done at all after deciding to do so.

This article shows you how to make your home look minimal.


Live like a minimalist

Minimalism is owning fewer possessions.

Starting from looking at what you really need and what you don’t,

the key to minimalism is to live with the fewest items possible.


How to make your home look minimal

Leave only the essentials

Look at the items around you, and ask yourself if the item is truly essential.

If you can live without it, throw it away or keep it somewhere else. For example,

things you might consider throwing away are clothes that you’ve not used for more than a year, magazines,

and CDs. You can buy them again if you want them later, or you can use streaming services for your music.


Use bright colored furniture

Another key to minimalism is to use furniture that has bright color.

Remember that the colors have to be the same mood for all pieces of furniture, because the more colors you have, the less minimal your room will look.

The height of the furniture plays a part too. Choosing pieces of furniture that are not too tall makes your room look minimal.


Store stuff out of sight

The two rooms that are very hard to create a minimal atmosphere is the living room and the kitchen.


Living room

The key is to store stuff out of sight.

You should store everything you need out of sight, in drawers, boxes, and cabinets,

because storing them where they are most convenient to use is not minimalism.

Take care of your electrical cables too – don’t leave them in a place where you can see them get tangled.



The kitchen is a difficult room to organize. There are seasoning bottles, kitchen equipment, and waste bins.

But the first thing you should do is to hide the waste bins.

Although waste bins are essential for everyday use, having them in our sight makes the room look less simple.

Seasoning bottles, as well, should be kept in a cupboard or where it is not easily visible. It will make the kitchen look more clean.

For other kitchen equipment, such as pots and pans, wrapping plastic rolls and etc., should be kept in a cabinet.


Or, you can rent a self storage unit

Some people might say…

“There are a lot of things that I don’t want to throw away.”

“I don’t have enough space to put things out of sight.”

And many more.

If so, we recommend you use a self storage unit.

Self Storage is a service that provide you with spaces for rent.

The benefits of renting a self storage unit are:

No need to throw away things you don’t want to

We all have things we don’t want to throw away, but we don’t use them anymore either.

Then, how about renting a self storage unit?

If you are concerned that it will get mold, you can rent an AC unit.

You can make  your home look minimal, and don’t have to throw away your things at the same time.


You can use it like your second storage room

You can access your unit 24/7. Therefore, it is just like you using your storage room.

You can keep things that are not essential most part of the year here, such as winter clothes, hiking equipment, and etc.


To sum up

The use of self storage units allow you to create a minimal atmosphere at your home without having to throw away things that you want to keep.

Living like a minimalist nowadays is way easier than you think!


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