What is a Self Storage?

24 Dec 2020

Self Storage? You might have heard of this word, but you still don’t know what it is. This is because Self Storage service is still very new in Thailand. However, it goes so well with the lifestyle of people in big cities and those who have their own business such as SMEs.

In this article, we will be taking a look at what a self storage is in detail, and things you might want to know about this service.

What is Self Storage Unit ?

There are many types of “Self Storage”, or “Self-service storage” to choose from. In general, the service provides rental space for customers to store their stuff. The size of the rental space could be as small as that of the size of a locker or as big as a shipping container, or even bigger. You can rent a unit from as short as one day to years.

Why Self Storage? Who should we use it?

Lifestyles of people in big cities are changing and people now increasingly prioritize convenience for a lot of activities. More and more people prefer to live in condominiums rather than detached houses, and at the same time, a problem emerges; there isn’t enough space.

This is where the Self Storage business comes into play. The service has two main groups of users:

  • Individual users: In Thailand, individual users use self storages to store their stuff in order to prevent damages caused by mold and high temperature. Individual users usually want to rent self storages where the location is easy to access and has security system.

Small business owners: Small business owners, either online or offline, need some space to store goods. Some might want to use temperature-controlled rooms to make sure that there will be no damage to their goods due to temperature changes.

What/Who is it for?

For increasing storage space at home: You might have too much stuff at home, be it things you do not want to throw away, old furniture, things you are planning to sell and so on. You can simply rent a self storage unit to store them.

For those who are moving to a new place: It can be too overwhelming handling all of you stuff at once. You can store them at a self storage unit and take only the items that you want most first to your new place.

For those who are renovating their houses: It will be a lot easier renovating while not having to worry about where to put all your stuff.

For small business: Worrying about where to store your goods stock? By using the self storage business, you can be sure that your goods will be stored in a suitable, clean, temperature-controlled space.

For increasing some space in your office: How about moving those document boxes in your office to a self storage?

For students who are returning to their hometowns during school break: If you are a college student who need to move your stuff out of the university dorm during semester breaks, then the self storage service is a good option for you. No need to worry about mold growing on clothes or books.

Our Facilities at Keep it Self Storage

At Keep It, we are continuously improving our service and other facilities at our site in order to meet our customer needs. 

Convenient Location – Keep It Self Storage is located in the heart of Bangkok in Soi Ekkamai 28, near the BTS Ekkamai station. It is also convenient if you travel from tollways too.

Elevator and trolleys – If you need trolleys to move your stuff, we provide them for you.

Security System – Security is our top priority. We have a high quality security system with 24hr CCTV cameras and on-site security officer. There are also emergency buttons installed in the building and they are linked to SECOM.

24/7 Access to storage area – You can access your units at any time. All doors to our storage area are installed with keycard locks, so you can come pick up your stuff even at late night!

Various sizes to choose from – We have various sizes of storage units for you to choose from, ranging from 0.5 – 20 sq.m. You can choose the size that is just right for your stuff.

If you want to know more about our service, Please feel free to contact us.

Or, Tel 094-313-8448