What is the shortest rental term of a self storage unit? Can I rent for one day?

24 Jun 2021

                When thinking about renting a self storage unit, have you ever wonder “Can I rent for one day?”
                Continue reading this article and we will show you the answer.

Can I rent for only a day?

Most self storage unit users use the units:

as a second storeroom

as a place for storing hobby supplies

as a place to store their thing when they have to go abroad for quite a period of time

as a stockroom for storing goods

Most users don’t use the units for a short period of time and that’s why most unit providers do not provide short rental terms. In general, the providers will let you rent the units for 1 month or more.

However, often times there will be people who want to rent only for a day or two, or may be a week, because they don’t need the room as long as a month.


So is it possible to use the room only for a day?
The answer is YES!
BUT! You will have to RENT for the minimum period anyway.

Yes, you can use the room for a day, but you cannot rent a room for a day. This means that you have to pay the minimum rental fee of the minimum rental term provided by the provider.

In most cases, you will be asked to pay the full amount of your rental period. For example, if you want to rent for one day, but the minimum rental term is one month, you will have to pay for the whole month – you cannot pay it day by day.

Providers usually give special discount to customers who rent long-term, so often time the cost per day will be cheaper if you rent longer.

However, you can search for places that offer a minimum one-day rental period.

          If you search for a place that can offer you a unit for as short as one day, you may be able to find it since more and more providers are starting to offer this kind of deal. But make sure to check and compare the price. Renting for one day doesn’t mean that its price/fee will be cheap! 


Or should I rent long term?

If you cannot find a place that let you to rent short term and you ended up renting long term, finding those old household items and bringing them to store at the unit might be a good idea, because you have the time and the space anyway.

Moreover, by renting long-term, you do not have to worry about if the contract is going to end soon. You can take your time and plan ahead what you are going to store and when you are going to bring your thing out. If you rent short-term, you have to go get your things out in time before the contract expires or you will be charged an extra fee. This can be troublesome, if an urgent errand shows up!



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