FAQ about Keep It Self storage service

Self Storage is a service that provides you rental space in forms of lockers, storage units, storage containers, and etc.

The service is commonly known as space-for-rent service.
The service allows you to store your possessions in a secure storage facility for either short-term or long-term.
It is suitable for both personal use, and business use. There are various sizes to choose from.

Keep It Self Storage is a self storage facility that provides rental space.

We have both air-conditioned units and non-AC units. The sizes vary from 1 – 19 sq.m.

Our staff are ready to serve you every day from 9.30 am. to 6.30 pm.

You can access our storage area 24/7 using a keycard.

We have high-security units with CCTV cameras in and outside of our building, security officers on duty 24/7,

SECOM security system, and fire alarm system.

Keep It will open the unit door for you,
if you show an identity document that is valid on the day of use to us and we can verify that you are the unit owner.

We have to look into the documents very thoroughly since we prioritize security of our customers above all else.

You may let someone else into your storage unit as long as they have your consent and your keycard.

You can make an advance reservation for a unit not more than 30 days prior to the start date.

It is possible to change to other unit. However, the final approval shall be made by the company.

At Keep It Self Storage, you can buy or rent things that help you with your storing, such as keys, boxes, racks, pallets, and etc.

Other service
– Box Storage
A door-to-door storage service where our staff goes pick up your possessions from your home and store them at our facility

– Delivery Service
Our partner provides a door-to-door delivery service with staff who helps you load and unload your possessions.

In case you make a reservation for a unit,
or you want to pay the rent monthly, you will have to pay the deposit the amount set by the company.
How much you have to pay depends on the room type and size you chose.

After the contract ended, we will return the deposit money to you within 7 days after the last day of your contract.

-Hazardous materials
-Any substances that could disturb other customers or other customers’ units eg.
-perishable food items, garbage
-Valuables eg. Cash, Gold, Diamonds
-Anything illegal
-Animals and Plants

We have fire insurance and building insurance,

which covers the damages and the cost of repairing resulting from break-ins, fire, flood, and other natural disasters.
In case you want more coverage to your storage units, please contact our staff.
The additional insurance premium will be calculated based on the total value of your possessions.

You have to bring your ID card or an identity document to show to our staff on the day you sign the contract.

You don’t have to bring an identity document every time you come to use your unit, but you are only allowed to access your unit with your own keycard.

In case you wish to renew your contract, you do not have to show your identity document since we already have the data on our system.


One of the documents below which is still valid on the date of use:

– National ID card
– Passport
– Driver’s license
– (For businesses) Company certificate and a copy of one of the above documents of an authorized person

Our staff are ready to serve you every day from 9.30 am. to 6.30 pm.

You can access our storage area 24/7 using a keycard.

You are very welcome to come visit our facility.

If you wish to visit our facility, please contact our staff in advance at

Tel:               094-313-8448
Email :          sales@keep-it-th.com
Line ID:           @keepitth

It depends on the unit size, but we have a shortest contract period of 7 days.

For Self Storage,

Customers can rent at least 1 month.

For Mobile Locker,

Customers can rent at least 1 week.

Instruction of Keep it Service
1. Select the room you want to use.
2. Agree to contract
3. Payment
4. item to the self storage.

Keep It Mobile Locker service instruction
1. Select the room you want to use.
2. Register
3. Payment
4. Pick up the key card and store items

The three main differences are location, purpose, and size.

Self-storage is usually located in commercial areas and has a variety of purposes from personal to business reasons, therefore has various sizes to choose from.
While warehouse storage is usually located in the suburb area and is done by businesses with a massive space requirement, therefore the space it offers is usually larger than self storage.

At Keep It Self Storage, our units are highly-secured, with security system, CCTV cameras, and security officers on duty 24/7.

You can receive news by visit our website or

Web Site : : https://keep-it-th.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/keepitth/
Line : @keepitth
Youtube : KEEP IT Thailand

1.Copy of Passport/ID Card/driver licence
2.Copy of book bank (if any)

1.Copy of Company Cert.
2.Copy of Passport/ID Card
2.Copy of book bank (if any)

You can pay by

1.Transfer to
Kasikorn Bank , Branch : Sukhumvit 33 ( Bangkapi ) Saving Account,
Account name : CRE ( Thailand ) Co . , Ltd .
Account number : 037 – 3 – 77528 – 2

2.Visa,Master card

3.Prompt pay QR Code

4.Direct Debit (For contract more than 6 months) For customers who rent mobile lockers, payment cannot be made via this method.
Support: Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank