The trick not secret: How to protect your product from sunlight

Storing products away from sunlight is important to maintain their quality. Here are some ways you can store products effectively:

  1. Choose a suitable location Store products in a place that is not directly exposed to sunlight, or use a roof that provides adequate shade to prevent direct sunlight.
  2. Use packaging with UV protection Use packaging that has UV protection, such as bottles or bags with UV protection technology, to prevent the loss of product quality.
  3. Use storage space with temperature and humidity control Controlling the temperature and humidity in the storage area can help reduce damage from sunlight.
  4. Use blankets or curtains to block sunlight Use blankets or curtains that have additional UV protection when storing products in areas with sunlight.
  5. Choose a self-storage service with temperature and humidity control If you need to store products for a long time, you can choose a self-storage service with temperature and humidity control to maintain the quality of the products.

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