TIPS: Because cosmetic need the life saver

  1. Store in a Dry and Cool Place: Makeup should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent damage from heat and humidity.
  2. Seal the Lid Tightly: Make sure to tightly seal the lid of the makeup when not in use to prevent loss of properties.
  3. Store in a Dark Place: Storing in a dark place helps reduce the breakdown of ingredients in the makeup.
  4. Use Quality Glass or Containers: Using quality glass or containers can help preserve the quality of the product better.
  5. Regularly Clean: Maintain cleanliness of the outside of the container or the area of regular use to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs.
  6. Regularly Replace and Dispose: Regularly replace makeup that is in regular use to prevent deterioration of the product.
  7. Close Tightly After Use: After use, make sure to close the lid tightly and store appropriately to prevent loss and deterioration.

Following these guidelines will help keep your makeup durable and usable for longer.


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